A recent letter we received from a valued customer...

Dear Great Lakes Goat Dairy, 

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with a cow's milk allergy. I cried. I was devastated that I would never have good cheese again. My mum told me that there had to be options for me in this day and age, and took me to the deli section of our local grocery store. We were on a mission to find a cow's milk free option that wasn't made with soy. We found one. We discovered your cheeses and I have been recommending them to friends ever since! Not only do your hard goat cheese look, smell and taste like "normal" cheese, but the also behave like cow's milk cheese!

Thanks to you, I can enjoy things like nachos, pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, Mac and cheese anduch more! Thank you Great Lakes Goat Dairy for creating such a great product and for making it widely available across Canada! 


A Cheese Lover with a Bad Allergy

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