The #1 ingredient in our incredible goat cheese is INCREDIBLE milk, which we would not have without our farmers. Here's a quick introduction to our fabulous partners:

Anthony & Marj (Great Lakes Goat Dairy Founders)

We have been dairy goat farming in the heart of the Great Lakes in Ontario, Canada for 13 years. We do it because we value family farming and take pride in providing the market's best firm goat cheese. 

People love our cheese for it's incredible fresh taste and great texture... all of which can be traced back to great goat milk. Anthony had spent his life in dairy milking cows, and Marj had grown up working on her family farm. After a number of years the couple's hard work and dedication was showing as their farm was budding...

  • In 2010 they won Young Farmers awards
  • In 2011 the farm won the Forage Master of the Year award for all of Ontario

They founded Great Lakes Goat Dairy in 2008 as a labor of love. Marj immersed herself in the art of cheese making, and Anthony continued in his passion for working with the goats to produce the highest quality, best tasting goat milk possible. 

By 2011, the cheese had gained in popularity and the Great Lakes Goat Dairy brand was launched to offer our cheese to the market. 

Dave & Michele

Dave and Michele both come from deep family roots in dairy farming...Dave grew up in the country and began working on a local dairy when he was 15 years old and Michele grew up on a dairy farm in the Ayton area.

Both went to agricultural college and actually met on the dairy farm that Dave worked at! They loved working together on the farm and taking care of the animals and eventually married. They now have 4 children and decided to start a farm of their own milking goats in 2005. 

They still have a passion today for raising and milking the goats and the lifestyle that this provides. They say the goats have such a sense of curiosity and love of life it makes them a challenge and a joy to work with everyday, we love our animals and therefore love our work, what more could you ask for.

Looking to be a part of their milk from start to finish, Dave and Michele joined Great Lakes Goat Dairy to brighten their future and love being able to say that this is their cheese.