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GOAT GOT YOUR TONGUE? Stay Up-to-Date with Great Lakes Goat Dairy Recipes, News and Events!

Roasted Asiago Goat Cheese Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are a great choice for a healthy snack. Not only are they loaded with protein, but they're also tasty and offer that crunch you've been missing for your lunch breaks. Adding our Asiago goat cheese creates an added nuttier flavour that should handle your salty snack cravings. 

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Spicy Chili Blognese Sauce

This is our take on a classic bolognese sauce. Using our Asiago goat cheese, this sauce has a creamier and nuttier flavour that really brings out the bold taste of all the spices. Remember, for the full flavour, you'll need plenty of cooking time! 

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Lactose Friendly Creamy Alfredo Broccoli Pasta Bake

This Lactose Friendly Creamy Alfredo Broccoli Pasta Bake is the perfect mid-week meal that will have the whole family wanting more. This tasty Italian treat features the fresh flavour of Herb & Garlic with a creamier Asiago taste.

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