How long have you been making your own cheese?

We started making cheese in 2012, our philosophy from the beginning has been that great tasting goat cheese comes from great milk!

What type of cheese do you make?

Great Lakes Dairy produces a unique firm goat cheese. A product that is a healthy alternative to regular cheese with the versatility for cooking and other related activities.   

What do you feed your goats?

We grow what we feed our goats, a delicious ration of:

  • corn sileage
  • clover alfalfa
  • orchard grasses
  • haylage

In 2011 our farm won Forage Master of the Year for all of Ontario.

Are you HACCP certified? 

Yes, we are fully certified. 

What is Artisan Cheese? 

Artisanal cheese refers to cheeses produced by hand using the traditional craftsmanship of skilled cheesemakers. As a result, the cheeses are often more complex in taste and variety. Great Lakes Goat Dairy is proud to produce our cheese in a federally and provincially regulated facility.  

What about GMO's / Herbicides and Pesticides?

All of our feed is non-GMO and we use no pesticides or herbicides.

What are the living conditions for the goats?

Very good! All of our animals are kept safe from the environment and predators in barns where they are free to range, live and eat. Our babies (the kids) are nurtured in a state of the art, climate controlled barn where they are cared for as they grow.