In 2003 Anthony and Marj Sjaarda began Dairy Goat farming.

Anthony had spent his life in Dairy milking cows and Marj had grown up working on her family farm. After a number of years the couple's hard work and dedication was showing as Caprine Farms was budding...

  • In 2010 they won young farmers awards and had grown the operation to 750 milking goats and over 1,350 total 
  • In 2011 the farm won the Forage Master of the year award for all of Ontario for producing quality feed

Creating their own cheese products began in 2008 as a labor of love. Marj immersed herself in art of cheese making and Anthony continued in his passion for working with the goats to produce the highest quality best tasting goat milk possible.

This made for a great team!

By 2011, the cheese had gained in popularity and the Great Lakes Goat Dairy brand was launched to offer our cheese to the market. Today, 100% of the milk for our cheese continues to come from our own farmstead. All of our cheese production is done in a Federal as well as Provincially inspected facility where cleanliness and food quality are of the utmost importance.

Today you will find Great Lakes Dairy products anywhere from local markets such as Zekveld's Garden Market to grocery stores like Foodland or Overwaitea Food Group on the West Coast of Canada. At present we are milking about 900 goats and continue to focus on keeping it simple; caring for our goats and creating the best quality products possible.