How long have you been making your own cheese?

We started making cheese using our own farmstead milk in 2012. Our philosophy from the beginning has been that great tasting cheese comes from great milk!

What do you feed your goat's?

We grow what we feed our Goats who are fed a delicious ration of:

  • Corn Sileage
  • Clover alfalfa
  • Orchard Grasses
  • Haylage

in 2011 our farm won Forage Master of the Year for all of Ontario.

What about GMO's / Herbicides and Pesticides?

All of our feed is non-GMO and we use No pesticides or Herbicides.

What are the living conditions for the goat's?

Very good! All of our animals are kept safe from the environment and predators in barns where they are free to range, live and eat. Our babies (the kids) are nurtured in a state of the art, climate controlled barn where they are cared for as they grow. 

Where can I buy your products?

Our products are available in retail grocery stores across Canada. We work with some tremendous retailer partners from small boutiques to medium and larger grocery stores. If you cannot find our products in a store please click this link and let us know where and we will touch base with them! Or you could always ask them about us yourself!

Can I order your products online?


Will my order still be fresh when it arrives?

Absolutely! All perishable items are packaged and shipped with cold packs to ensure they are fresh products upon delivery.

What are your shipping policies?

Orders typically take 2-3 business for processing and are then shipped via UPS Two-Day Delivery. Orders placed on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays will be shipped on Mondays to avoid sitting over the weekend. If shipping our products as a gift, you must notify the recipient to ensure that someone will be available to receive the package. We will not be responsible for packages delivered and left unattended.

How do I get a receipt?

Your receipt will be emailed to you after an order has been placed. Shipments include packing slips, but printed receipts are not provided. If you would like another copy please contact us toll free at 1-519-500-9277 or

Will my information remain private and secure?

We will never reveal your email address or any other personal information to anyone. Our online shopping system is 100% secure and supported through Shopify, one of the w leading online platforms.

More questions?

If you would like to connect with us for any reason at all, please do so by clicking this link or by calling us at Tel: 519-845-1889.